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Novel Project Launch in Language Arts


Be watching for a packet of information to come home tomorrow, Tuesday, December 9th about a novel project for language arts.  Students will choose a book to read and have the opportunity to create a project to showcase their novel based on their interests.  Projects will be presented in class the week of February 2nd.

This week is our library week in reading and I’ll be instructing students to choose 2 of the 4 books they are allowed to check out as possibilities for their project.  This way they can narrow down to one book and be reading over the holiday break if they choose to do so.




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Unit 4 Spelling Test This Friday, December 12th


We will have our Unit 4 Spelling Test this Friday.  The word list has been opened on SpellingCity.

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September 23, 2014- Language Arts- New Unit 2 Spelling Words


I’ve just uploaded Unit 2 Spelling words into Spelling City.  The link for Spelling City and the new list of words for Unit 2 are listed on my spelling page on this blog.  The spelling test for this unit will be next Friday, October 3rd.

Unit 2 Spelling Word List Spelling Connections Language Arts


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Tues., Sept. 23, 2014- New 6 Weeks & Tons of Info


Good evening!  Yesterday we began a new 6 weeks.  You should notice that the volume of work is starting to speed up.  Homework is routine and we are heading straight into content.  Over the course of the next 6 weeks, we will be continuing with nonfiction readings, grammar- more sentence content including predicates and run-on sentences, spelling rules and dictionary work, and the start of story elements and plot.  We will also be adding writing to the mix- creation of a character, On-Demand, and the beginning of several argument analysis pieces- pulling evidence from the text of several arguments.  There will be a continuation of reading skills and introduction of new ones.  Last, but not least, we will begin our cursive writing packets this 6 weeks.  Although curriculum no longer includes the teaching of cursive writing in many districts, JCTMS still believes this to be a crucial and beneficial practice.  Cursive packets will go home on a Friday and they will be due the following Friday.  We do approximately two- three packets in a six weeks.  In the instance that a no school day falls on a Friday’ I’ll adjust when I assign or collect these assignments.  Due dates will be written by the student at the top of the packet as I review the directions with them.

Report cards for the first 6 weeks go home next week!  As always, thank you for entrusting us with your child every day and please email, call, or post any questions you may have.

Fall Pictures will be taken next week.  Info and photo package ordering instructions will be going home tomorrow. Every student will be photographed for the yearbook, but parents will also have the opportunity to order these pictures.  Picture packets must be paid for at the time the photo is taken.

Finally,  if you signed up for text messaging for my classroom, please be watching for REMIND messages from 101.  If you weren’t able to attend the open house, the flyer for step by step instructions to sign up is as follows- Remind Sign Up Scanlon Language Arts



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A Plethora of Info


We are well on our way through the first 6 weeks!  I have to say that getting on routine is coming along well although we’ve had some challenges; myself included!

We have had a lot happen in the last several weeks-

1.  Town meeting with Mrs. Fluhr (our assistant principal) reviewing rules and expectations as well as acceptable dress code.

2.  Drill Week-  An entire week of drill practice.  Each day we practiced a specific drill during a class period school wide.  The week was a success and we do practice drills throughout the school year.

3. Our school wide fundraiser this year is a school-wide Walk-A-Thon.  Students are to collect money from sponsors for the mile walk around our school neighborhood.  Permission slips (on green paper) were passed out Tuesday and are due this Friday, Sept. 5.  Sponsor money packets can be turned in at lunch the next 3 Fridays- 9/5, 9/12, and 9/19.  The final due date for all money is Sept. 24th and our walk is scheduled for 9/26 rain or shine.  Any checks should be made payable to JCTMS PTSA.  Students must have raised a minimum of $20 in order to walk in the Walk-A-Thon.

4.  Team fundraiser.  Team 6-1 is currently doing an Avon fundraiser.  This is strictly a volunteer fundraiser, but keep in mind that the money we receive from the fundraiser helps us to pay for upcoming field trips.  We do Avon fundraisers several times throughout the year.  Without it we would not be able to go on field trips as it helps to pay for buses, food, etc.  We also use some of this fund for celebrations throughout the year.  Students who bring in an order of at least $10 will get to spend a class period (designated by 6-1 teachers) playing outside.  All Avon orders are due by next Thursday, Sept. 11.  Any checks should be made payable to JCTMS.  Thank you in advance for helping 6-1!

5.  Believe it or not, we are already half way through the first grading period!  Progress reports went home yesterday, Sept 3 and should be signed by a parent.  The white copy is then returned to your student’s homeroom.  Please send these back with your child by next Monday, Sept.8.

6.  Last but not least, if you should have any questions or concerns, please contact us at our email addresses (listed on the team page of this blog) or at 485-8272.  If you would like to schedule a conference, please contact Pat McCullough at 485-8272 to schedule a day to meet.  We do scheduled conferences almost any day during our planning period from 10:15-10:45 am.

Thank you for allowing us to work with your child every day.

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Reminder! Unit 1 Spelling Test this Fri 9/5


Check out the spelling list on my Spelling Page, but I also signed up to use spelling this year.  Students can hear the words pronounced, play games, and take a practice spelling cards!  Check it out!  There’s also an app for that!  Here’s the link to my page on spelling

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Fri., Aug. 15, 2014- First Week of School


We did it!  We made it to the end of our first week!  We’re off to the start of a great year at JCTMS and in 6-1 Language Arts.  The last three days have been jam packed in getting schedules and routines figured out, learning new rules and procedures, and meeting many new friends and teammates.  Locker breaks are getting better and fewer and fewer students are coming into class late or without materials.  We haven’t been giving tardy notes this week and we’ve been letting students go back to lockers for missing classroom items.  The last two practice days are next Monday and Tuesday.  On Wednesday, practice will be over.

We also had our first fire drill today.  Our students did a fantastic job of following our directions.  We have over 900 students in the building.  The only sound you heard during the drill was the alarm and administrators over their communication devices for the all clear.  Safety is a huge concern for us as we want to be sure our students know what to do in case of an emergency.  This drill was perfect!

Please be sure that on Monday you have all of the supplies you need.  In language arts, I plan for us to label our 5 subject notebook and begin using it daily.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you on Monday!

Ms. Scanlon


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Fri., Aug. 8, 2014- 2014 Registration and Connections Camp


It’s been a great week of introductions at both 6th grade registration and Connections Camp.  It has really jump started my excitement for the new year and I look forward to working with you this year!Connections Camp 2014

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Tues., July 8, 2014 My Classroom Blog is a Go…again for 2014-2015


I am happy to announce that after taking a year off of blogging, I have reinstated my classroom blog for the 2014-2015 school year.  I am so excited to be back online giving updated information to peers, students, and parents.  As in the past I will post a daily agenda with live links to worksheets (when possible), videos, and PowerPoints.  I’m also looking to expand my blog to allow a student response thread or student feedback assignment page.  Be watching for helpful up-to-date classroom and team info as well as photos from the classroom and in the 6-1 corridor!  Happy Summer!  See you soon!

Day filled YAY


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